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Project Synopsis

Intensive Level Historic Resource Surveys have been completed in the Triangle, Broadway-Fillmore, and Grant-Ferry-Forest neighborhoods of the City of Buffalo. These surveys are a part of multi-phased initiative to document the historic resources of the City of Buffalo; work that had not been done in the City in over 20 years. CBCA researched, photographed, and prepared Historic Resource Inventory forms for approximately 2,100 structures throughout the three neighborhood areas. CBCA also converted approximately 1,700 Historic Resource Inventory forms from the Parkside National Register Historic Districts into digital format.

Intensive level surveys are important public planning tool and an essential first step for the historic preservation process of identifying, recognizing and preserving the unique and special character of a community as embodied in its built and landscape landmarks. In the Grant-Ferry-Forest survey, the Black Rock Meeting House at 44 Breckenridge Street, built c. 1827, was found to be one of the oldest structures in the area. The structure at 1119 Genesee Street was discovered to be a possible rare surviving example of a park outbuilding by Calvert Vaux.

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Triangle Neighborhood Survey

Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Survey

Grant-Ferry-Forest Neighborhood Survey

City of Buffalo
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Intensive Level Resource Surveys in Buffalo

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