The Market Arcade
617 Main Street, Suite M303
Buffalo, NY 14203

Company Mission
Clinton Brown Company Architecture is the full-service historic preservation architecture firm. We revitalize heritage buildings and communities through project concept, planning, architectural design, and management services for renovation, rehabilitation, and historic preservation projects.
We work with individual, institutional, commercial, and governmental clients at many scales of service, depending on your needs. We often provide clients with a full range of services, including feasibility reports, multiple phases of architectural design, and fundraising. We have recently assisted our clients in identifying and applying for over $16 million in project funding.
Most of our projects involve existing buildings and communities, where an owner and stakeholders need professional input for maintenance, for reinvestment, or for redesigning for new uses or for new performance. We specialize in redesigning buildings and communities, working at all scales to meet client and community needs. From simple storefronts to grand international bridges, our work has earned national attention for our clients.
Headquartered in Buffalo, New York we are conveniently located in the Market Arcade Building at 617 Main Street, located in the Theatre Preservation District.

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